Our Beef

Homestead Farm beef is our mainstay product. We have worked diligently to raise and produce a product second to none. Our steers are kept for two years thus allowing them to mature to their maximum potential. During the summer months, they are raised on our rotational grazing pastures; in the winter each steer is raised on free choice Maine grown hay and supplemented with a grain made specifically for us. We do not use any hormones, growth implants, or any other artificial stimulants to raise our steers. They are raised with tenderness and a healthy Maine environment.

Homestead Farm beef is now USDA inspected in Maine. This process involves a very thorough vetting process of our entire operation from raising and feeding the animals to the selection and use of a processing facility.

We are proud of our product, customers are constantly telling us stories about comparing our steaks to something at a special restaurant and how our steaks were far superior. Compliments like this drive us to believe in what we are doing and continue to strive to produce the best. We maintain a customer list and always give repeat customers first chance to reorder.

To order, contact Tom by phone: (207) 415-2792 or email: tom@homesteadfarmangus.com.