Our Cows

We have been raising Angus cattle for over 40 years. Four years ago, we decided to expand our cattle herd to include the American Aberdeen breed. We selected this breed for a number of reasons including their temperament and size, their ability to produce very high quality of beef from a grass fed program, and our ability to use our Registered Angus yearling heifers as breeding stock due to the low birth weights of the calves. During this time period there have been extensive advancements in the science of raising a great "mama cow", some good, some not so good. Our basic philosophy from the beginning is to raise females who are docile, raise great calves, and are low maintenance easy keepers. Each of our females has been genetic and DNA tested in accordance with recommended programs within each breed and all of our production data is submitted to the AHIR records. At the present time we have females descending from Basin Lucy 178E, Dixie Erica of 4G, and the Pure Pride families. Each year we evaluate our weanling heifers with the plan to add or replace within our herd. We are always looking for opportunities to utilize these young females either through private treaty sales or some type of creative program. We are proud of our females and know they will work in any herd. Please feel free to contact us anytime regarding these young females.