Our Farm

Homestead Farm was started in 1979 when Holly, Tom, and Heather moved to Pownal. Over the years we expanded our pastures, built several barns, and enjoyed sitting on our back deck watching the mothers and their babies graze. Throughout this span of 35 years, our focus has driven us to refine and create an environment where our Angus cows are always cared for as a first priority. We are dedicated and determined to maintain excellence in every aspect of our farm. During the summer, our animals are grazed on an intensive rotational grazing pattern, in the winter, they are housed on manure packs in three sided barns. Humane treatment is the norm.

At the present time, Homestead Farm consists of 60 acres at the homestead which is used for pasturing and housing. We maintain, through leases and other arrangements, another 150+ acres which is used for hay production. All of our fields and pastures are soil tested every year and maintained with organic fertilizers and nutrients. We produce over three hundred round bales of grass feed for our winter feeding all of which is wrapped and stored at the farm.

We invite you to visit the farm when you are in Maine.